The Best Pareto Chart Excel Template

This is a pareto chart workbook that we put together that includes a traditional and a trending pareto chart templates. This data shows the reasons for inbound customer service calls, and can be adapted to any situation, quality or otherwise (download here).

Here are some screenshots from this template:

This tab shows a traditional pareto chart, with the cumulative percent value on the right-hand axis. It also includes the data and cumulative percent values below the graph.

Screen shot of basic pareto chart

The data input tab for the above chart is in a separate tab, labeled “Data – Basic Pareto.”

Input tab for basic pareto chart
Input tab for basic pareto chart

This tab shows a trending pareto chart, in this case arranged by quarter. This format shows a lot of good information in one view – not only the top reasons for inbound calls in this case, but also the trend on each category.

The data input tab can be adjusted as need to show difference time periods, etc. –

There is more information about pareto charts here.