Fishbone Diagram Excel Template

Get your team working together with a fishbone diagram.

This template (download) is easily updated on the computer, so it can be sent out to the group immediately after the meeting.

Here is the template:

Group Settings Bring the Value

There are two big benefits of making a fishbone diagram in a group setting –

  1. Buy-in. Soliciting and noting everyone’s ideas around possible causes will create buy-in from people who may otherwise feel that their voices are not being heard. This buy-in will result in more energy being focused on the problem at hand, and other problems in the future.
  2. Better Insight. The insight that comes from a group far exceeds that of individuals, and the result is faster problem solving.

How to Use this Template

  1. Agree on the problem statement as a group, and place it at the head of the diagram (the far right tip).
  2. Ask the group for their input. What things are contributing to this problem?
  3. Mention to the group that all ideas should be captured, before the group decides which ones should be investigated further.
  4. Don’t worry about grouping the ideas yet – ideas can be organized in cause groups (manpower, machine, etc.) after all ideas are gathered.

Take Action

Most importantly, take action. The meeting will pay for itself many times over, but only if investigative and corrective actions are taken coming out of the meeting.

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