Excel Files

Here are several links shared by Six Sigma Black Belts and various internet sites – please double check the calculations, etc., in these spreadsheets before using them as working documents.  There are several good working examples of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology in these documents.


8D Corrective Action

Accountability Matrix, Also Known as RACI

Activity Network Diagram


Anderson Darling Normality Test

Average (X-Bar) Control Chart

Box and Whisker Plot

Box-Cox Transformation

Capability Indices – Cpk and Ppk

Cause and Effect (Fishbone) Diagram

Cause and Effect Matrix

Chi-Square Distribution Table

Control Charts

Control Plan

Correlation Study

Data Collection Plan

Dot Plot

DOE Template

FMEA – Design

FMEA – Process

F Distribution Table


Gage R&R (ANOVA) with Graphical Analysis

Gantt Chart


House of Quality

Main Effects Plot

Multi Vari Chart

Normal Probability Plot

Pareto Chart

Project Charter Template

Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

PPM Calculator

Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)

Root Cause Analysis Timeline

Sigma Level



We strongly recommend Six Sigma Certification to gain a full understanding of these tools and how they fit into the DMAIC process.  Here’s an article on Six Sigma Certification.