What is a Six Sigma Kaizen?

A Six Sigma Kaizen Event brings process experts and technical/problem solving leaders together for a period of one to five days to accomplish one or more very specific goals inside the DMAIC framework. When is a Six Sigma Kaizen Event Useful? When the project isn't moving fast enough through … [Read more...]

Lasting Success

Last week I visited a couple of plants in in North America and participated in some “Define” sessions aimed at uncovering Six Sigma project opportunities and identifying leaders for those projects. I was in a conference room with the plant staff looking at the 2012 project deck when a question … [Read more...]

Details Matter

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting with a quality engineer from a Fortune 500 company who had run a process capability study on some supplier data.  In this particular case we were dealing with a one-sided specification limit (LSL), and the engineer used an Excel spreadsheet to calculate a Cpk of … [Read more...]

Discussion: Six Sigma Capability Vs. a Solid Control Plan

I open this question up for discussion - please add your comments.  If I had to choose between a 4 sigma process and solid control plan versus a six sigma process and a weak or non-existent control plan, I'd take the first option.  Unless the process is completely automated and free from any … [Read more...]

Mike’s Favorite Quality Books

I am grateful to these authors and publishers for their outstanding work, which has helped me in countless situations.  There are links to purchasing locations for these books (click on the images). 1.  World Class Quality by Keki Bhote For the Analyze and Improve phases of DMAIC.  In my … [Read more...]

Sustaining Process Improvements

I just returned from a plant visit, where I was surprised to find that some important process controls were no longer in place on the production line.  How does this sort of thing happen and how do we prevent it? Implementing an overarching quality system is essential for sustaining best … [Read more...]