Lasting Success

Last week I visited a couple of plants in in North America and participated in some “Define” sessions aimed at uncovering Six Sigma project opportunities and identifying leaders for those projects. I was in a conference room with the plant staff looking at the 2012 project deck when a question … [Read more...]

Discussion: Six Sigma Capability Vs. a Solid Control Plan

I open this question up for discussion - please add your comments.  If I had to choose between a 4 sigma process and solid control plan versus a six sigma process and a weak or non-existent control plan, I'd take the first option.  Unless the process is completely automated and free from any … [Read more...]

Lousy Equations – Change the Game

Have you ever worked inside a lousy equation? Six Sigma certification is about building the skill set to understand and control processes to achieve substantial, permanent gains. Have you ever found yourself in a project where the team, despite a great deal of effort, is struggling to bring a … [Read more...]