The Best Stakeholder Analysis Excel Template

This is a stakeholder analysis template designed by Del Simcox that includes eight columns and several formatting and data validation tools. There is a blank template tab, along with instructions on how to complete the template (download here – please note, this is a macro-enabled workbook in a .zip folder).

Here is a screenshot of this tempate –

Stakeholder Analysis Template Preview

The columns in this template can be completed as follows –

StakeholderEnter the stakeholder name – this can be an individual or a group of individuals, i.e. “Retailers”
InfluenceNote how much influence the stakeholder has on the project’s success. For example, Home Depot would be a high-influence stakeholder if a new product line is targeted for sale in Home Depot stores.
SupportNote the current level of support that this stakeholder has for the project. In cases where support is low and influence is high, make a plan to spend time with stakeholder to accommodate their needs and gain their support.
Role in ProjectThis column shows how the stakeholder will be involved in the project. For the retailer example, the primary role will be on the marketing side – helping to advertise and sell the product.
PriorityNote the priority level for each stakeholder, which will help determine the next two columns – communication method and frequency.
Communication MethodNote how the project team will communicate with the stakeholder. Knowing the stakeholder’s communication preference is important, i.e. “in-person”, “email”, “phone call”.
Communication FrequencyAt this point, enough information is known to estimate what communication frequency is best for each stakeholder. Examples include “Weekly”, “Monthly”, “Daily”, etc.
Columns in the Stakeholder Analysis Template