DPMO Calculation – Product Example

This example applies DPMO to a shifter assembly using our Excel template. Here is the data –

DPMO Calculation for Shifter Assembly

Here are the template inputs –

  • Units Produced – there were 40,000 units produced during the time of the study
  • Possible Defects – there were six possible defects that could occur during assembly, and all six defect descriptions are listed under Defect Desc.
  • Number of Defects – four of the six possible defect types actually occurred, and the quantities are noted in # of Defects

The following calculations were made by the template –

  • There were six defect opportunities per unit produced. When multiplied by the 40,000 unites produced, we have 240,000 possible defects. This value is the denominator of the DPMO calculation.
  • The total defect count was 40. This value goes into the DPMO numerator.
  • The calculated DPMO is 40 divided by 240,000, times one million, or 167 DPMO.
  • The corresponding sigma level is 5.1.