Control Plan Training PPT

This Control Plan Training Course provides you with the materials you need to share control plans with with team members, customers, and suppliers (download here).

Course Outline

  1. Walk Through Control Plan Elements
  • An example control plan from a furniture manufacturer is reviewed, using the streamlined control plan template.
  • Header information including control plan numbering and revision control
  • Approval blocks for engineering and manufacturing
  • Where to note CTQ’s and critical-to-safety process / product parameters
  • Sampling requirements, control methods, and reaction plans
Example for training purposes
detailed walk-through of control plan inputs

2. Control Plan Inputs

  • This is about advanced quality planning
  • Customer input is #1, including contractual and purchase order requirements
  • Team input is #2, especially from the manufacturing team when a similar product is already being made
  • Engineering specifications are the third input
  • All quality/compliance/safety risks should be vetted through the DFMEA and PFMEA
High level – control plan inputs

3. Effective Controls – Upstream Vs Downstream

  • Discusses the higher value and lower risk associated with upstream controls
  • Uses an armature trickle resin example to illustrate
importance of controlling the process as are upstream as possible


Control plan template

Control plan overview

Control plan done with