Managing Six Sigma Projects

Here are the top three critical success factors for managing Six Sigma projects –

  • Results Oriented – Successful Six Sigma project leaders are about results as a first priority and methods as a second priority.
  • Business, Process, and Product Knowledge – Having a solid foundation in the business you are working in, the products (or services) it delivers, and the value-added processes it manages are critical to success.  Keep in mind however, that there will normally be process experts that know infinitely more than the Six Sigma project leader.  Knowing who these experts are and when to use them can make the difference between success and failure in a given project.
  • Six Sigma Tools Knowledge – Knowing when and how to use the tools in each DMAIC phase is the unique contribution that Six Sigma leaders bring to the organization.  This knowledge is built through extensive training and hands-one experience.
There is a broader set of skills required for managing successful projects in general – see for a more comprehensive list.